15 Best Baby Toys To Keep Your Little One Entertained


Baby Toys help children with their physical and mental development. Getting your kids the best toys right from their early childhood years is helpful for their overall growth.

As a parent, one must lay the foundation for forthcoming playtimes. From early childhood days, the baby shows some signs of independent play when they observe the baby toys and explore those toys as well as their sensory movements.

Below is a list of Nice Toys For Kids that will keep your little one entertained but work as a driving force that assists in their development and evolution.

This list is not gender-specific just like all toys are not. All toys in the below list are loved by all kids and are always on the most wanted list!

1. Soft Rattles

These are soft, multi-textured, and well-made with high-quality materials, comfortable and non-toxic, safe toys for newborn babies to snuggle with while stimulating the baby’s sense of touch.

2. Teething Toys

Teethers are always the best investment for baby toys. They are multi-functional as they work well as a play toy as well as soothe the baby when they are teething.

3. Stacking Toys

Stacking and nesting toys are simple and easy to play with. They come in lovely colors and sizes and help in developing fine motor skills in the baby.

4. Building Blocks

Blocks help develop hand-to-eye coordination in babies and function as tools for sensory play in children.

5. Bath Time Toys

Bath times are fun and engaging. Bathtime toys play a big role in making bathtime an amazing playtime for babies.

Seeing those lovely colorful animals float alongside themselves in the baby bathtub excites the baby and makes them happy.

6. Baby Dolls

Getting your toddler their own baby doll to take care of teaches them to be responsible and independent. During their playtimes, toddlers can learn their basic hygiene and daily routines. The baby doll would also help comfort them during their sleep times.

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7. Doll Strollers

Toddlers love to push their doll strollers while they are at the park for their evening play times.

This helps them walk independently, build confidence and coordination, and at the same time keeps them entertained.

8. Dominos Bricks

This game is loved by all ages. Stacking the domino bricks and creating courses builds cognitive and creative development in children.

It also builds team spirit and sportsmanship in children as they enjoy the feeling of winning and at the same experience the feeling of loss as well.

9. Play Dough

Playdough is an amazing tool to keep children busy and entertained. It is very important to buy a good quality dough set and monitor your child while they are playing with it, to avoid any instances of choking or swallowing the dough.

Playdough comes in beautiful colors and some amazing cutters of different shapes and characters.

10. Soft Bouncing Balls

Softball play is good for muscle development, hand-to-eye coordination, and team spirit (social skills). Your child can play with the ball alone, with a friend, or as a team.

This is one toy that comes in various sizes, base materials, and structures, used from a baby to a toddler older kids, and adults as well. This is a good choice to involve the whole family for play times and bonding.

11. Toy Cars and Racing Sets

Toy car again is a tool that helps your kids with social, physical, and emotional development. A car toy has many functionalities and hence your child will love to explore and understand how each part of the car functions. Car racing toys also let your child learn about speed, inclines, safety, and control.

12. Pretend Play Sets

Introducing pretend play to your toddlers is very essential. It encourages imagination, observation, creativity, social skills, and problem-solving abilities.

Pretend play is a good learning tool for kids and is very much encouraged.

13. Drawing Books and Colors

Introduce colors to your child from their early years. Coloring helps them with their grip and fine motor skills development. It also teaches them discipline as they learn to color within the lines.

14. Action Figures and Superheroes

Every kid loves watching cartoons and superheroes. Getting them their favorite character or superhero toy, will make them happy and encourage them to use them for their pretend plays, kids will also learn the positive behaviors of the superhero.

15. Plush and Soft Toys

Soft toys boost your child’s confidence level through pretend play, stuffed animals become your kid’s companion, and using them to talk and narrate stories are ways to teach new words and sounds.

These are some of the best toys for babies. You don’t have to own a lot of toys for your baby to have a lot of fun, but a few specifically selected toys can make all the difference.

Also, just expensive toys are not always the best ones, so choose wisely!

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