6 Best Baby Skincare Tips New Parents Need To Know


Best Baby Skincare Tips!

Your baby’s skin is naturally healthy. Do you often wonder how to take care of it?

Baby’s skin is different than the adult’s skin as it is still developing after birth.

Studies have said that a baby’s skin at birth is not as soft as that of older kids, it takes about 3 to 4 months for the baby’s skin to start becoming smoother and softer.

Skin hydration levels increase thereby making the baby’s skin soft and smooth.

During the growing phase of the baby, the skin may develop common conditions like rashes, nappy rash, dry skin, cradle cap, eczema, etc. It is very important to keep the baby’s skin moisturized and hydrated.

Lets us go through some of the important and best baby skincare routines that one can follow daily to maintain the moisture of your baby’s skin.

1. Bathtime Routine

Follow a bath-time routine for your baby. A newborn can take a bath twice or thrice a week.

Not bathing the baby daily is actually good for the baby, as you allow the oils from the skin to work on the skin and keep it hydrated, thereby reducing dryness.

Bathing every day or twice a day would eventually lead the skin to get drier.

2. Keep Baby’s Skin Moisturized and Hydrated

Use a good baby moisturizing cream for your baby twice a day. Applying the baby lotion on the baby’s skin after the bath will reduce the dryness created due to the bathing and lock in the moisture of the baby.

Use a good natural baby moisturizer that is chemical-free and organic that will suit your baby’s skin.

3. Hot Oil Massages

Massaging your baby with little warm oil twice a day will maintain the baby’s skin moisture levels and make the skin smooth and supple.

Choose a massage oil that is natural and can provide the baby with the required moisture. Massage the baby gently with less pressure.

A good massage will not only make the skin better and smoother but will also help the baby with good sleep.

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4. Sun Bath

Vitamin D can be gained from exposure to the sun, however, care must be taken that the baby has not been exposed to the sun’s UV rays a lot. Early morning rays for 5 mins twice or thrice a week is good for the baby.

5. Watch Out for Their Baby Nails

Baby nails are very sharp and can hurt the baby’s skin, care must be taken to file them short regularly to avoid any injuries. Get a good quality nail trimmer and filer for the baby.

6. Prevent Heat and Nappy Rash

Skin is sensitive, and the baby is prone to rashes. Apply a nappy rash cream and clean the area down there nicely.

A heat rash develops if the baby is overexposed to the heat. It generally comes like small tiny red spots in the skin folds.

Apply a heat rash cream, give a cool water bath or clean the baby well with a cool wash cloth.

Your baby’s skin is the largest organ in its body. It is essential to take utmost care of it.

Keep your baby’s skin clean, hydrated, and out of the sun. It’s also important to not overdo it with moisturizers or other skin products, which can sometimes worsen skin problems.

Follow this Best Baby Skincare routine for the best results.  

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