11 Most Important Things to Carry While Travelling with Baby

Baby Travel Essentials

Baby Travel Essentials

Are you planning your holidays?

Let us help you make a list of the essentials needed for your baby on your trip!

We are going to be sharing everything that you can bring along as well as some tips to help you plan your holidays.

When traveling with a baby, there are a lot of baby things you need to bring because it doesn’t matter if you’re going for one day or two weeks, you need the same stuff but just in increased quantities.

Here’s a List That Will Help You Pack During Travelling

1. Changing Mat, Baby Wipes, and Diapers

Stocking up the diapers for your baby for travel is very important. Though you can always buy diapers from the destination, getting the brand you prefer is not guaranteed.

Hence taking them along makes sense. Baby wipes packs are also very important.

Keeping one pack handy in the baby bag at all times and extra packs in the bag is advised. Carry your changing mat along.

The changing mat not only helps at diaper changing times, but it can be of great use when you need
a clean spot for your little ones to play on.

2. Baby Creams, Lotions, Shampoo, and Laundry Detergents

Baby’s skin is soft and sensitive. It’s always a good idea to carry their toiletries along. Carrying along their shampoo, body wash, sunscreen lotion, face cream, diaper rash cream, all-purpose thicker cream, nail filer, and mosquito repellents should all. Baby skincare is also an important Baby Travel Essentials.

3. Clothes, Socks, and Bibs

Your baby may need to change at least 3 times a day. Depending on the weather, extra layers might be needed.

You can carry the socks, mittens, and baby bibs in the baby bag for emergencies and the remaining could be in the main bag.

A lightweight baby swaddle, jacket, bathing suit, swimwear, and small hat should also be a part of your essentials list.

4. Baby Carrier

While on the trip, it’s always fun to enjoy the outdoors and do a lot of sightseeing. Getting a
a good baby carrier would make it easy to move around with the baby as the stroller cannot be taken

Choose a baby carrier that gives good support to the baby and yourself and doesn’t leave
you with a lot of body pain.

5. Stroller

Though you would be carrying the baby carrier, the stroller is a must on any trip. Choose a stroller that
is lightweight, easy to fold, good sunshade. The stroller would be your best friend when the baby goes to sleep.

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6. Nursing Pillow, Breast Pump, and Nursing Pads

If your baby is on breastmilk, then these are a must-have on your list. A nursing cover, pillow, and breast pump are all you need!!

If you are comfortable feeding the baby on a normal hotel pillow, then you can skip the nursing pillow.

7. Teethers and Pacifiers

Teethers will help keep your baby busy during meal times, so you can enjoy your meal. Always carry a variety of teethers, so the baby is fascinated each time she sees a different one.

Pacifiers are a must-have if your baby is used to them. The plane travels and in the city, tours become very soothing and comfortable for the baby with the pacifiers.

8. Medicines

Change of place and climate can make the baby fall sick. Carrying their regular medicines for
fever, cough, and cold is essential. Having these medicines handy will help when they are unwell.

9. Spill-Proof Cups

If your baby has started solids, then getting a sippy cup for them would work wonders for
you. Baby can snack on their own and drink their juices by themselves without any mess!

10. Lightweight Baby Blankets

Blankets work in many ways while you are traveling. It is your swaddle to keep the baby warm, also your nursing cover and at times as your playmat at the airport. You will love carrying this along!

11. Baby Toys

Kids always need their baby toys while they are away from home. It’s the best thing to give them while you are on the flight or waiting for the food at the restaurant. It keeps them busy and distracted while you enjoy the journey. Toys are one of the most important Baby Travel Essentials.

You can definitely enjoy your holidays by buying the must-haves that are your own and the baby is familiar with them all. So what are you waiting for?

Pull out your bags and pack these essentials to get going on an amazing adventure with your family.

Happy Holidays!

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