Back to School

Back to School

Calling all mums and dads? Are you ready for the first day at school yet ? Is your wake-up alarm set back to early timing?

Don’t worry, we have got you covered. Beautiful Bundles brings to you a few exciting things that will keep your child thrilled and carry some sense of fun they experienced during their summer holidays to the first day back to school.
Let’s brush all the anxiety off and get ready for the new academic year to begin.
Here’s a checklist of our top recommendations to help you prep for the D-day!

Wouldn’t it be more fun if you can drag your stuff to school ?

iPad- Check, stationery- check, snack bag- check, school jacket- check. Even on the day your child has to carry a gazillion things to school, your child won’t have to lug things around. Getting this trolley bag will definitely take some burden off the child’s shoulder.

Your child’s companion

Getting the right type of bag is always important. This superhero of a backpack is right sized school bag for your child.  It can be used as a school bag and when adventure comes calling, this spacious bag will double up as a travelling bag too. This makes for a perfect kids school bag. 
Stationery Set

Those little things to carry along

School stationery is something that every child loves to show off to their friends especially when it’s new. Getting them a new stationery set  with their favorite character will not only excite them but also help nurture your child’s creativity. Don’t be surprised if your child ditches some screen time and just decides to write or sketch something using this newly acquired fun stationery set.

A friend indeed.

Circle times are always fun when your child shares about their adventures with their school pet to the whole class. Let’s keep this fun journey going by getting them their own pet toy. Checkout these Super soft Cuddly soft toys. These can be the best pet toy you can give your child that will not make your child miss their favorite Mascot bear from school. Need we say more?
Cute Soft Toys Teddy Bear

Storage made easy.

“No amount of money ever bought a second of time.” – Tony Stark (Iron Man)We couldn’t agree more. Your child won’t have to waste a single minute looking for his/her stationery in these highly spacious pencil cases


Drinking water is utmost important. Let your kids supercharge their energy levels while they are at school with their favorite character water bottle. And when they come with a silicone straw it just gets more exciting. Bring on some H2O, and some fresh juices we say!
disney cars water bottle

Carry the goodness of home food around!

A lunch box bag should be convenient to carry and monkey around while your child is having his/her share of fun hanging with friends during their lunch break.  A good lunch bag should be easy to open and at same time be spacious enough to secure your child’s lunchbox without any spillage. Easy use, Easy maintenance is a win-win for both kids and mums

Now that schools are almost open, we are sure that the above list would come in handy and help you prepare for your child’s big day. Happy schooling!

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