Orders & Payments


Q & A

  1. Click ‘Request Order Cancellation’. Select a reason for cancellation

  2. Wait for a confirmation from us in 48 hours, if no update is received then the order will be canceled automatically.

  3. Refund will be processed to your wallet with Beautiful Bundles within 3-20 business day

1. Order cannot be canceled when order status is ‘Payment being verified’ or ‘Payment processing’. You can try to cancel the order after the order status update.
2. Due to high order volume we may not reply immediately, kindly be patient for the same.

Sign in all your accounts to search this order on order list.

Still cannot find it. Try below steps:

  • Retrieve your account by following the below steps
  • You will get a login ID and some information about the right email.
  • Try to sign in with that login ID.
  • You can reset the password via “forgot password”.
  • Email issue, please “change email address”.
  • After you place the order, the order details (like color, size, shipping address etc.) cannot be changed.

  • If you placed the order with wrong information, please contact us before the order is shipped out, and provide the correct information. We will try to update the order at our end.

  • You can also cancel an order before the order is shipped out. For how to cancel order, please click here for more information.

In order to ensure the safety of your payment, We execute a verification process for every order. Some orders may be closed due to potential security reasons, including but not limited to:

Scenario A: Coupon/discount has already been used by the same user.

For this scenario, please delete the coupon/code on your order and try again.

Scenario B: Incomplete information of order.

For this scenario, please input complete name information and try again.

  • Card can be added when you pay for the order by clicking on ‘Save this card’. Please follow the steps online . The information provided shall be encrypted and will not be saved at our end.

  • The saved card details can be used for future orders.

Step 1. Find the setting of ship-to country and currency on the top bar.
Step 2. Choose currency from dropdown list
Note: for order with an approximate value, there will be an estimated price for your reference. Final payment value might be different because it is decided by the card issuer based on its exchange rate.

Prices may be updated at check-out due several factors, including change of product price at our end, change of currency, exchange rate, the ship-from location, the actual delivery address (country), the delivery model selected, promotion, discounts or coupons applicable.

  • Payment has been received in our system for this order. To ensure payment safety, there will be a payment verification process which takes no longer than 48 hours. Please wait patiently and check the status of your order later.

  • Successful verification will help update the order status to “Awaiting Shipment”. After order status updates, we will prepare the shipment.

  • Unsuccessful verification will lead to a closed order. Payment will be returned to your credit card which you used to pay for this order, normally you will receive the refund in 20 days.

All products under Accesories , Shoes and Bags are not eligible for refund, exchange and returns.