Top 9 Ways To Take Care of Your Baby in Winter

How To Take Care Of A Baby

Are You Worried About Your Baby’s Health and Well-Being During the Winter?

Baby care in winter is not an easy task. Due to the low immunity of children, mothers pay special attention to them.  Fall in the temperature increases the risk of seasonal colds, flu, and infection.

We as adults can fight the cold and rough weather, but sailing through these three long winter months is much more challenging for newborns.

Every mother does a lot to protect her child from the cold winds. So let us look at all those ways by which we can keep our kids safe and warm in the winter season.

Let’s check some more points on how to take care of a baby.

Useful Tips to Take Care of Your Baby in Winter

dress up your baby in many layers

1. Dress Your Baby in Layers

Anytime your baby is not in a car seat and will be outdoors, layers can help keep them warm as per the change in the temperature.

A onesie or bodysuit with a sweater or jacket on top is a good way to make sure your baby is warm without being too bundled up.

Keeping your child frequently wrapped up in thick sweaters, gloves, socks, and a cap could bound him from moving smoothly and make him irritable.

So make him wear garments depending on the room temperature and opt for clothes that fully cover his body but are not tightening.

You can also make the infant wear gloves, hats, and socks – they will keep your little one warm and make him sleep peacefully through the night.

Choose breathable materials such as cotton and muslin so you can take clothes on and off as needed.

maintain the temperature of your baby's room

2. Maintain the Temperature of Your Baby’s Room

Keeping your house warm and cozy will make your little one comfortable.

Maintaining the temperature in the house will not only keep them warm and comfortable but will also help maintain the baby’s body temperature.

Make sure that your baby’s room and living room stay ventilated. Use a heater, so that your baby is comfortable by himself.

Keeping the house and especially the baby’s room nicely ventilated will protect the infant from cold winds and keep the child safe.


3. Use a Humidifier

Humidify the air. The dry winter air can be tough on a baby’s skin, so a humidifier can be a big help. Keeping the humidifier on in the baby’s room at night will also soothe the child and give him a good night’s sleep.

Just be sure to clean it regularly to prevent mold and bacteria growth.


4. Massage Your Baby Well

Cold and dry air in winter takes away all the moisture from the baby’s skin, making them dry and flaky.

Massaging boosts the blood flow within the body and enriches the sense of well-being, which indirectly increases the immunity of the baby and helps in the baby’s growth and development.

Using a massage oil with many properties and variants will give your baby the right balance of all different vitamins which will keep his skin soft.

Warming the oil a little before the massage will also be beneficial for the baby. A good massage twice a day will help maintain the body temperature, keep the baby warm, and will give the little one a good sleep.


5. Bathing

Cleaning and bathing are significant to maintain hygiene. In winter bathe your baby with lukewarm water on alternate days.

On other days just take a wet towel and wipe their body before changing their clothes. This will reduce the risk of illness and will help to retain the moisture of the skin.

Avoid using baby soap and shampoo daily or often. These products will steal the moisture of his skin and make it dry.

Using a baby wash that will moisturize the baby’s body, reduce dryness, and chemical free will be a good choice.

Every baby has a different skin type just like adults, choosing the right type that suits your baby’s skin will pamper it.


6. Apply Moisturizer Regularly

Baby’s skin is very soft and sensitive. The cold weather can make it dry. Using a good moisturizer will keep your baby’s skin smooth and soft.

The skin tends to become dry during winter, hence moisturizing it regularly will maintain the moisture level of the baby and not make it dry and flaky.

Choosing a moisturizer cream that suits your baby’s skin type will help keep the glow and texture of your baby’s skin.



7. Spend Time in the Sun

Sun time is essential as it provides vitamin D, which is essential for a baby’s development.

The sun’s rays can help to soothe and relax the baby. Finally, spending time in the sun also helps the baby to develop a better sleep pattern.


8. Choose Baby Stroller Carefully

Choosing the right baby stroller is very essential. Choose one that is sturdy with good airflow technique.

While out on the stroller dress your baby in a jacket, hat, mittens, and socks, and then cover him with a blanket up to chest level to keep him warm and comfortable.

9. Watch Out for Sickness Signs

Watch for signs of cold weather illness. If your baby has a fever, is coughing or wheezing, or seems unusually tired, give your pediatrician a call.

With a little extra care, you can help your baby stay happy and healthy all winter.

Winters are here and it is the best time to spend in the United Arab Emirates, enjoy the cold weather in the amazing outdoors with your friends and family, and make more memories!

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